Army Sgt Patsy Aquilino
Hvy. Mort. Co., 110th Inf.

Army Sgt Herman R. Bell
WWII 640th Tank Destroyer Battalion

Army 2nd Lt. Jared Bowman
1st Infantry

Army SSG George Milo Cannon
25th Division 28th Regiment

Army SFC Michael J. Capozzoli
Special Forces

Army Spec. 4 Carl W. Carter
US Army Corp of Engineers

Army Cpl Francis V. Churney
Diesel Repair

Army S Sgt George J Cox
39th Infantry

Army Pfc Glenn E. Crum
351st Engineer Battalion

Army Tech Sgt Albert R. Cwiklinski
8th Airforce – B-24 Liberator

Army SP 4 Albert R. Dami
Co. A 1st CAV/8th CAV 1st Bat.

Army Sgt William T. Danley
Co. A 148th Engineers Bat.

Army Pfc Mike Deep
Calvary WWI - Military Police WWII

Army Pfc Anthony DeGennaro
Med. Detachment/387th Infantry Reg.

Army Sgt Frank DeGennaro
11th Airborne/118th Parachute Inf.

Army Pfc Angelo DeGennaro
69th Heavy Artillery

Army Pfc Angelo DeGennaro
69th Heavy Artillery

Army Pfc Matthew A Dellorso

Army Sgt J. P. Duckworth
630th Transportation

Army SSgt Joseph J. Fartro
United States Army WWII

Army Sgt John C Gamble
WWII Battle of Normandy
5 Bronze Stars

Army Cpl Meade Harper
66th Troop Carrier Squadron

Army Sgt E-5 Harry Harvison
1098th Trans. Co. 159th Trans. Bat.

Army Pfc John P. Herman
2nd Battalion 326th Glider Inf.

Army Clp Peter Hritsko
Co A 841 Eng Aviation BN

Army T-5 Edward J. Horvath, Sr.
761st Field Artillery Battalion

Army Harry J. Imperatore
Heavy Mortar Co. 110th Reg, 28th Div.

Army Cpl Joseph E. Kurnal, Jr.
3rd Infantry Division

Army Pfc Alex A Ladzinski
Medical Technician
2 Bronze Stars

Army Sgt Mike P. Matyuf
WWII - 94 Infantry Division

Army Sgt Frank P Mirisciotti
WWII - Rainbow Division Central Europe

Army Major Michael L Mundell
1st Brigade 108th Division
Operation Iraqi Freedom
KIA 01/05/07
Fallujah Iraqi

Army Major Christopher Newell
903 Contingency Contracting Batt.

Army Thomas Pallaria SR
WWII Purple Heart Recipient

Army SSgt Chris N. Pihiou
25th Division WWII

Army Cpl Louis E. Pogoreltz
United States Army

Army Sgt Zolton J. Popp
110th Inf. 28th Div. Heavy Mortar Co.

Army Pfc Angelo Porco
482nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery

Army SSgt George Povich
8th Army Air Corp

Army 1st Sgt Andrew “Pooch” Puchany
Co. D 331st Med. Battalion

Army Sgt James A Puchany
103rd Medical Bat. 28th Infantry

Army MSgt John V. Puchi
522 2nd MI Group

Army Cpl Howard F. Rhome
Company C118 Engr. - AVNBN

Army Sgt Pio Rossi
Co. B–714th Tank Bat. 12th Armored Div.

Army Pfc Lew W. Roush
101st Airborne Paratrooper

Army Pfc Joseph L. Scears, Sr.
Co. D 193rd Div. Glider Infantry Reg.

Army SSgt Thomas E. Sedora
547th Night Fighter Squadron

Army Pfc John D Severine

Army F5 John Severine
1st 110th Mechanized Infantry

Army Sgt Walter Skowvron
Company B 27th Infantry 25th Division

Army SSgt Sam J. Spadaro
Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion

Army Pfc Bryan John Szalanski
1-36 Infantry

Army Sgt Joseph Szczerbienski Jr
29th Infantry Division Military Police

Army Sgt Andrew J. Tarnik
2nd Armor Division

Army Pfc Chuck Tatano
101st Airborne

Army Sgt Raymond M. Thomas
B Co 67 Fort Knox KY

Army Sgt Joseph R. Topka
28th Infantry

Army SSgt Albert Wallo
28th Division

Army Pfc Henry M Yorke
148th Engineers Combat Battalion

Military Banners

The Greater Canonsburg Chamber of Commerce is proud
to honor our men and women who are or have served
this country through our banner program.


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It is simple.

Greater Canonsburg Chamber of Commerce
169 East Pike Street
Canonsburg, PA 15317
Phone: 724-745-1812

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Navy PO2 Vincent Braddock
Aviation Ordnance

Navy MoMM3c. Paul V. Cassidy
South Pacific USS LST. 127

Navy SN Albert DeGennaro
USS Renate (AKA-36)

Navy MMM3c Bartholomew DeJohn

Navy MOMM3 Mario DeJohn
USS Swanson DD443

Navy CPO Edward J. Horvath, Jr.
United States Navy

Navy Seaman Raymond B. O Shinski
USS Philadelphia

Navy AD3 Patrick D. Kostelich

Navy Lt Michael Kusturiss

Navy Coxswain John K. Patsch
USS Pyro

Navy MMM3c Fred Puchany
USS Kyne

Navy PO3 Mike Skittle Jr.

Navy 1st Class Coxswain William A. South
USS Pocomoke

Navy Boatswain Fred J. Spicer III
USS John A Bole
DD 755– Vietnam

Seaman Joseph W. Talpas
Merchant Marine
“1 ˝ times around the world”

Marine Sgt Jerry A Grosso
2nd Mountain Battalion
2nd Marine Division

Marine Sgt Dennis L. Gump
3rd Marine Div.
4th Marine Regiment

Marine Cpl John Kasmer Krenzelak
Fighting Leathernecks

Marine LCpl Harry A Munson IV
WMFA (AW) 242

Marine Sgt Gabryel E. Rosmus
9th Communications Battalion

Marine Cpl Robert L Williams
4th Division

Sgt A. Richard DeGennaro
1501 Air Transport Wing
US Air Force

Airman First Class Paul K. Frazier
US Air Force

Tech Sgt Joseph “Jay” Golinski
Aero Medical Evac Squadron
Desert Storm

A1C Jeff Jones
20 O G DET 9

T Sgt Joseph A Kern
760th Bomb Squadron
460th Bomb Group

SA E-4 Benjamin Reese
436 ATS

Airman First Class Patsy Russo
Motor Pool / 342nd

Major Stanley J. Shutok
171st Air Refueling Wing